Social impact and sustainability

Through the economic empowerment of artists, support of freedom of expression and advancement of art, Articore’s marketplaces inherently deliver positive social impacts.

Building upon these core outcomes, our ESG strategy details Articore’s seven specific, measurable 2025 social and environmental commitments. These commitments are grouped under three pillars: People, Planet and Prosperity.


2025 ESG Goals

We aim to enable our people to positively impact our culture and community. Employees want to work for companies they trust and have purpose, so they feel proud about the work they are doing knowing they are contributing to environmental and social good.

Maintain zero gender-base salary discrepancy
Further representation of women in senior leadership
Ensure all employees feel a sense of belonging at Articore


2025 ESG Goals

We aim to protect planet Earth and address environmental impacts both within our direct and indirect control. We will work with third-party carriers, for example, to offset and reduce emissions from product shipping on the marketplace.

Reduce product returns by 15%
Net zero emissions from product shipments on the marketplace, Articore office emissions, and the energy Articore uses


2025 ESG Goals

We aim to empower and protect people who design, sell, make and use products from our marketplaces. This is fundamental to our business as we are committed to providing a platform that artists and their customers trust and that aligns with their values.

Increase artist revenue 100%
100% of third-party fulfillers aligned to our social responsibility manual

Our progress towards each commitment is detailed in our FY23 ESG report which is contained within our FY23 annual report, pages 12 - 19.

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